Choosing a new horn is a very personal matter. We all have a totally unique sound - we don’t sound like anybody else even when playing an identical instrument. What we are all looking for in a horn however is the same. We want to find the horn that most easily enables us to realise the sound we imagine in our head when we are actually playing - our ‘inner trumpet sound’. All horns will colour or affect that sound in some way - we just have to remember that it is us, not the horn, which has a voice.

It is my belief that any one of the Eclipse models could be used very successfully in any musical circumstance. However the variety of bells available make it possible to select an Eclipse trumpet that feels tailor made to your own playing requirements.

Eclipse trumpet bells are available in 2 different throat styles:

The medium throat bell is a standard size bell with a profile designed to provide great versatility available in yellow or red brass, standard (0.5mm) or heavy weight (0.6mm).

The large bell has a more open throat and a slower taper to the flare which makes for a larger sound with less resistance and room for a lot more air, available in standard weight (0.5mm) yellow or red brass, heavy red brass (0.6mm), and copper (0.7mm).

The heavy weight bells have more projection; more stable tone centres and retains a very even tone even when played at very loud volumes. The standard weight bells have a faster response, with more flexible tone centres and a wider spectrum of timbres.
MY  Medium Yellow  
The sound options available are quite numerous, considering the role the finish will play. Relative to raw brass, lacquer will warm the sound, silver plate will brighten slightly, and gold will leave the sound virtually unchanged. See our  "finishes" page for more  information.
Excellent all round instrument, very versatile. The sound is bright and clear, remaining centred and focused at all dynamic levels, with a solid core to each note and great projection. The trumpet speaks very easily and is ideal for lead trumpet, commercial playing and studio work. Also a good choice for principal trumpet players in symphony orchestras or military bands.
MR  Medium Red
Like the medium yellow this is a very versatile horn - a near perfect blend of warmth and projection. The red brass brings a depth to the sound which is silky smooth, rich and dark, however it is still a lively and agile trumpet. It responds very quickly and has a sparkling top register with effortless projection. Equally suited to jazz ballads or lyrical chamber music, at home in a big band or an orchestral trumpet section - the medium red could be the ideal choice for a ‘crossover player’. Added to the Eclipse line by the request of artist Robert Bauerle.
LY  Large Yellow    
Similar in timbre to the medium yellow, bright and clear, but with less resistance and a more expansive sound. The large yellow has great projection but when you increase the volume of a note the sound just keeps on growing. The slots are firm and true but do not restrict expressive, lyrical playing. This would be an ideal trumpet for symphonic section work, particularly in clear lacquer. The large, bright, projecting sound of a silver plated large yellow would be perfect for concert bands or in military marching bands playing in the open air.
LR  Large Red  
This bell has proved to be the favourite choice of jazz soloists. It has warm, velvet timbres, within a large, golden sound. The slotting is more flexible than on the medium bells which allows for expressive and personal playing. It is very free blowing, speaks very easily is and responsive over a huge dynamic range. As you put more air through the horn the sound just grows and grows, it retains the rich, dark core to the tone but will also really project and open up when you want a phrase to flare out. At home in a variety of musical settings, the large red has also found favour with European classical players.
MHY  Medium Heavy Yellow
If I was working mainly in symphony orchestras then this would be my horn of choice - no question - it is awesome. The natural timbre of the instrument is slightly darker than the medium yellow with more depth to the sound, greater projection and more secure slots. It has an intense, focused tone with a dark core and brilliant projection even at the quietest volumes. As you increase the air supply or ascend into the upper register, the sound remains pure, true and impressively powerful. Great all round instrument for the stronger player.
  Bell descriptions provided by
Noel Langley
XLR, XLY  Extra Large Heavy Bell, Red or Yellow Brass  
The X-large heavy bell is made from the same mandrel as the Large bells, with the flare extended from 130mm to 140mm; this makes an extremely powerful, free blowing instrument. It offers the same wide spectrum of tonal colours as the large red but has firmer slots, more depth and greater projection. It is almost impossible to make the trumpet distort or break up, it retains the integrity of it’s huge dark sound at all volumes. Ideal choice for a strong player who uses a lot of air, whether as a soloist in a small jazz group or in a horn section with a loud rock band. This trumpet also works well with heavy valve caps and larger mass mouthpieces. The yellow brass version has many of the same characteristics of the XLR with an increased capacity for projection.
MS  Medium SOLAR  
The SOLAR bell has no bead around the bell edge. The MS bell is slightly brighter than the MY bell, with a larger volume of sound and an extremely solid core that doesn't spread at high volumes. The response is very crisp, even at ppp volumes, and less effort is required to achieve a leading, dominant sound. Perfect for big band lead.
LC  Large Copper  
A truly unique trumpet with masses of personality which will enhance the sound of the developed and commanding artist. The heavy weight, pure copper bell adds a complex set of overtones enabling great contrasts in tone from a dark, bluesy whisper to a pure, bright screaming shout. The horn is very open and agile, yet has fantastic, focused projection with great weight behind the sound. The large copper is usually supplied with heavy valve caps and an elegantly crafted counter-balance in the back bow.