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Q What are the Valves made of ?
A The valves are made from stainless steel.

Your trumpets tune at the back of the bell; does this mean that the bell is removable?
No. Our instruments are NOT bell tuning. Only the tuning slide at the rear of the bell can be moved for tuning purposes. The bell is soldered and fixed in position as with 99% of all trumpets.

Q What bore sizes are the Eclipse instruments?
A The Bb Trumpets are 0.460" ML
The Flugels are 0.413"
The C Trumpets are 0.470" LB
The cornets are 0.470" LB

Q What do the model letters mean?
A The first letter always refers to the bell size:
M is a medium throated bell with a 128mm flare diameter (~ 5")
L is a large throated bell with a 130mm flare diameter (~ 5 1/8")
XL has the same throat size as the L, but with a larger flare diameter of 140mm
(~ 5 1/2")

The second letter refers to the bell material:
Y is a bell made of yellow brass
R is a bell made of red brass
C is a bell made from copper

If an ‘H’ appears in the model description, for example ‘MHY’, it means that the bell is made from heavier weight (thicker) material. The Solar bell is the exception to the rules! The Solar bell is a specially made bell without a rolled over rim. It is a medium throated bell with the shaft made from nickel silver, joined to a yellow brass flare.

Q What is the wall thickness of the bells?
A The bells are made with a wall thickness of 0.5mm.
The heavier weight bells are made with a wall thickness of 0.6mm.

Q What difference in sound does the finish make to your instruments?
A As a general rule with the Eclipse range we have found the following:
Lacquer tends to slightly darken the sound
Silver tends to slightly brighten the sound
Gold tends to do little or nothing to the sound relative to an unfinished instrument.

It must be taken into consideration that this is a rough guide as players will all have their own unique sound which can be naturally darker or brighter than the next person.

Q Can we buy directly from Eclipse in the UK?
A You can buy directly from Eclipse in the UK if:
- you live in the UK
- you want a custom built horn made outside of our normal specs
- you live in a country without an Eclipse dealer
Other than this all orders must go through our dealers.

Q Is there any discount for coming directly to Eclipse for purchase?
A No, Eclipse sells from the factory at the same price as our dealer network.

Q Is there any warranty with the Eclipse instruments?
A Yes we have a 12 month warranty on all of our products.

Q Do you take part exchanges (trade-ins)?
Yes, at Eclipse we do take trade-ins depending on what it is of course. Our dealers may or may not take trade-ins, so please contact them for that information.

Q Do you have plans to make other instruments in the future?
A Yes. Eclipse is almost ready to launch our new 4v Piccolo. Future projects include an Eb and D trumpet, and a Soprano Cornet.

Q Can I discuss my needs with Eclipse players?
Yes you can! We have players who are very happy to discuss your needs if you so wish. These players cover many areas of trumpet playing and have expert knowledge with the whole Eclipse range. These players can be contacted via email on the ‘Ask the Pros’ section at the top of the page.

Q Do the instruments come with a mouthpiece?
A No. Eclipse does not supply a mouthpiece with our instruments.