ur recent design concept is the Equinox.

The Equinox model is essentially a more compact version of the Eclipse trumpet. The valve section has been moved closer to the player. Although the valve section is almost as close to the player as that of a cornet, the Equinox is most definitely a trumpet, in appearance, sound, and feel. It is approximately 4 1/2" shorter in length than a standard trumpet. This was accomplished by reducing both the bell and leadpipe length, and adding it back through an extra wrap around the main tuning slide, and also at the bottom leg of the bell section. Like all Eclipse trumpets, the tuning slide assembly has been attached to the rear bell assembly, resembling an added valve slide.

The Equinox is described by Noel Langley, who has played in leading UK orchestras, orchestral film sessions and much, much more, as responsive and rich toned yet with a screaming top end. Equinox possesses a focused sound with loads of projection. As far as the feel of the horn, it’s so well balanced that it seems to be lighter than a regular trumpet. It feels very intimate and personal, as if the trumpet were more part of you.

  Specification - Eclipse Equinox   Custom Options:
  Bore : .460 ML   LR bell only
  Bell Construction : 2 piece   Heavyweight bottom caps
  Main Tuning Slide : Rear bell assembly   Traditional water keys
  Water Keys : Amado    
  1st and 3rd Slide rings