JLCooper's Control Station Technology is being used industry wide in recording, video post, and multimedia production. Adobe Systems, Avid, Dalet, Media 100, Emagic, Editing Technologies, Merging Technologies, Radius, SADiE, Sonic Solutions, Soundscape, Spectral, Strassner, Sundance, TAO, and many others look to JLCooper for their control interfaces.
  • CS-1 Control Station
  • CS-10/2 Professional Control Station
  • CS-Edit CS-10/2 Programming System
  • Media Control Station 2

  • CS-10/2 Control Station

    The CS-10/2 Professional Control Station is engineered to be the definitive control surface for Digidesign's Pro Tools, Spectral's SynthEngine and Audio Prisma, SADiE, SoundScape, Sonic Solutions and other digital audio and video workstations.

    Musicians, video and film professionals, audio post production and broadcast facilities will love the CS-10/2's easy-to-use control interface. It provides complete access to transport, automation and digital signal processing functions without tedious mouse and key commands.

    The CS-10/2 features conventional controls that look and feel like a tape recorder transport. With large buttons for Record, Play, Stop, Fast Forward and Rewind, you can concentrate on your project, not on your computer keyboard.

    The optically encoded jog/shuttle wheel offers precise positioning and effortless scrub editing. You can initiate complex commands with a single button using the CS-10/2's function keys. The footswitch input permits hands-free operation.

    The CS-10/2 also features eight, smooth tracking, 100mm, long throw faders to control automation functions. Six rotary potentiometers provide convenient access to digital signal processing functions.


  • Professional Tape Recorder Style Controls
  • Six Rotary Potentiometers
  • Eight 100mm Long Throw Faders
  • Footswitch Input for Hands-free Operation
  • Null LED Indicators, Digital LED Display
  • Optically-Encoded Jog/Shuttle Wheel
  • Jet Black Color, Ergonomic Design
  • Full 1 Year Warranty
  • Optional CS-Edit for Complete Programmability
  • Pris: 7.790.- inkl. mva.

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