JLCooper's Kontroll-Stasjon-Teknologi brukes i lydproduksjon, video post og multimedia produksjon i et vidt spekter av jobber. Adobe Systems, Avid, Dalet, Media 100, Emagic, Editing Technologies, Merging Technologies, Radius, SADiE, Sonic Solutions, Soundscape, Spectral, Strassner, Sundance, TAO og mange andre tilpasser sine produkter til JLCooper's kontroll-interface.
  • CS-1 Control Station
  • CS-10/2 Professional Control Station
  • CS-Edit CS-10/2 Programming System
  • Media Control Station 2

  • CS-Edit CS-10/2 Programming System

    CS-Edit turns the CS-10 or CS-102 into a completely programmable studio and stage control station. MIDI, ADB (Apple Desktop Bus), and GPI (General Purpose Interface) compatible devices can be controlled simultaneously, in any combination using CS-Edit.

    Imagine... sliding a fader changes the volume of a digital sampler, while turning the wheel scrolls through a Macintosh QuickTime movie. Pushing a button starts a video tape recorder and initiates a laser firing sequence.

    CS-Edit consists of a 1/4 width, single rack space module with 2 MIDI Inputs, 1 MIDI Output,
    2 ADB, and GPI (9 Pin D-Sub) connectors.
    The CS-Edit software features JLCooper's
    easy-to-use, intuitive user interface.

    Eight memory setups and 99 banks let you control your entire system right from the CS-102 Control Station. It also gives CS-102 all of the JLCooper FaderMaster factory presets for editing synthesizers and digital effects.
    Supporting MIDI Machine Control and MIDI Show Control, CS-Edit gives you the power to coordinate many different kinds of equipment. GPI permits the CS-102 to activate remote controlled or footswitch operated equipment including tape recorders, slide projectors and more.


  • Makes the CS-10 and CS-102 a programmable MIDI, ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) and GPI (General Purpose Interface) device
  • Adds 99 Memory Banks
  • Sends MMC, Controls Alesis ADAT, Tascam's DA-88, Fostex RD-8 and Others
  • Includes all FaderMaster Factory Presets
  • Includes Hardware Remapper Module, Software and Cables
  • Control VCR's, VTR's, ATR's, Slide Projectors, etc. with GPI
  • The Perfect Compliment to your CS-102
  • Pris: 3.420.- inkl mva.

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