Never before have we had access to MIDI and digital audio products with so many features, and such limited hands-on control. JLCooper puts you back in control with FaderMaster Professional. Powerful, easy to use controllers/programmers/editors/mixers for anything MIDI.

MIDI Automation

  • FaderMaster Professional

  • FaderMaster Professional

    MIDI Automation Controller

    FaderMaster Professional is engineered for the audio professional involved with MIDI-based automation or digital audio recording. Building on the success of the original FaderMaster, FaderMaster Pro is the next generation universal MIDI controller. Like the original FaderMaster, you can easily control, mix and edit with MIDI sequencers, hard disk recorders, MIDI-controlled mixers, synths,
    samplers, and signal processors.
    Professional Automated Mixdown System
    FaderMaster Pro gives you the total, hands-on control you've been missing from your digital audio or MIDI system.

    FaderMaster Pro eliminates the aggravation encountered when using a mouse to mix or edit the volume of multiple tracks. And FaderMaster Pro is fully programmable, allowing you to control volume, panning, EQ, digital effects, and other parameters.

    And if eight faders and buttons are not enough, multiple FaderMaster Professional units can be coupled to form a larger console.

    FaderMaster Pro features high-quality 100mm long-throw faders. These smooth tracking faders give you more control and a more professional feel to your mix.

    FaderMaster Pro has 20 completely programmable banks for storing controller setups, effects editing configurations, custom SysEx data and more. Plus, FaderMaster Pro has all of FaderMaster's Factory Presets for controlling Synths and Signal Processors.

    Programmable buttons can be used for muting, sample triggering, program changes, and more.

    FaderMaster Pro also features two external inputs allowing MIDI data to be sent from a foot pedal or foot switch.

    Optional FaderMaster Pro Remote Software

    Software is available for Macintosh and Windows that allows you to edit and store your FaderMaster Pro setups. It also directly learns SysEx making set-up a breeze.

    FaderMaster Pro Features:

  • Eight Programmable High-Quality 100mm Faders
  • Eight Programmable MIDI Buttons
  • 20 User-Programmable Banks
  • Multiple Units can be Linked Together
  • Controls JLCooper MixMaster
  • Lithium Battery Backed RAM
  • More than 50 Factory Presets
  • Pris: 5.220.- inkl mva.

    FaderMaster Pro

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